Plastic container
for storage and distribution of bulk products, fruits, vegetables and flower bulbs

Robust, nestable crate
Save time in handling by easy positioning
Save on purchasing packaging materials
Reduce packaging waste in your logistic chain
Lower cost of storing and shipping empty packaging
Increase product protection
Extremely high load capacity
Resistant to low temperatures
Various label possibilities

  • Sustainable reusable
  • Tapered - Storing empties takes up less space
  • Ergonomic handling


Product code 4816
Capacity 43 liters / 11.4 US gallons
Exterior length 600 mm
Exterior width 400 mm
Exterior height 252 mm
Interior length 510 mm
Interior width 347 mm
Interior height 222 mm
Material HDPE
Container color Black
Nestable Yes
Sides Open
Base Open
Pallet quantity 105 pcs