Why CurTec pursues TQM

Over the past 30 years, quality thinking has been the basis for the successful development of CurTec. What started as an idea to improve product quality has led to a strategy to make the organization sustainable and future-proof through customer satisfaction. TQM is a philosophy that helps with this and involves all employees in continuous improvement.

Total Quality Management (TQM) is a company-wide management approach aimed at continuously improving business processes based on data. The ultimate goal is to foster customer loyalty and it requires consistent feedback from employees and customers. TQM has eight principles:

The eight principles of Total Quality Management (TQM)

1. Customer-focused

The satisfaction of customers ultimately determines the quality level and is therefore top priority. CurTec regularly measures customer satisfaction, in which four different components (order & delivery, products, service & contact and added value) provide insight into the appreciation and possible areas for improvement.

2. Total employee involvement

CurTec involves all employees in the implementation of the integrated quality assurance system and actively seeks dialogue with them in order to create involvement in the process and the result. An organization where employees feel ownership and responsibility propels itself towards higher results.

3. Process-centered

TQM focuses on the development and implementation of stable processes in order to anchor the basis for success in the organization. CurTec not only uses stable production processes, but also carries out all support activities by means of controlled processes.

4. Integrated system

CurTec uses an integrated care system in which all elements from the different perspectives of quality, environment, food safety, sustainability and GMP merge harmoniously.

5. Strategic and systematic approach

A critical part of quality management is the strategic and systematic approach to achieving an organization's vision, mission and goals. CurTec formulates a strategic multi-year plan in which these matters are laid down.

6. Continual improvement

CurTec employs an operational excellence strategy to pay constant attention to continuous improvement of its entire performance. We look critically at results and processes and always try to learn from mistakes and innovate based on lessons learned.

7. Fact-based decision making

TQM and gambling are not compatible. Facts and figures therefore always support our analyzes and decisions.

8. Communication

In a transparent organization, communication is the key to successful TQM. CurTec openly reports on performance and necessary improvement actions. Long-term strategies are established and communicated in all departments. Risk analyzes are carried out and shared so that everyone can keep each other sharp in the implementation of the policy.

A sustainable organization that wants to be future-proof must be able to continuously improve. The best strategic approach for this is TQM because it focuses on all facets of the organization. For CurTec, quality goes beyond just product quality and is visible from the very first moment of contact.


The integrated quality management system secures the following certifications:

CurTec’s quality management system is audited annually by Lloyds Register with the exception of ISO 15378 which is done by the Swiss SQS.

Quality audit in progress

Customer audits

Customers also regularly come to audit the quality systems and the manufacturing process. CurTec highly values these visits because they keep the organization focused and contribute to the improvement and further development of the management system.

Regulatory Affairs

To ensure continuous compliance with laws and regulations, CurTec has a Regulatory Affairs Officer. You can download the current regulatory affairs status:

Regulatory Affairs Data Sheet

Change control

For many years now, CurTec has embraced change control within quality management to ensure that changes to their product or process are introduced in a controlled and coordinated manner. As part of that protocol, CurTec configures change campaigns to either notify customers or chase their approval. For further information about the execution of change control:

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